4 Oktober 2009


This word maybe not really familiar for us in our daily life. Im quite interesting bout this human concept cause may some of us had it (without we already realized). Ok, what is Alter-ego? alter ago is another side to your personality, one that most people don't see. Somebody with Schizophrenia or MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) has their brain divided into two different people. One of them is the person, the other is not a real person who the brain has "invented". In extremely rare cases, there are three personalities. Let's check out for an easy example, there are so many superhero stories are filled with alter egos. Superman and Clark Kent, Batman and Bruce Wayne, Spiderman and Peter Parker, etc etc.

Having an alter ego at times can be beneficial, provided it does not go overboard. It gives the person a sense of completeness. However, if the alter ego is more perfect than your real self, then it can result in low self-esteem. It is also at times seen that if the alter ego is dominating, then it can prevent a person from leading a normal life. If you have an alter ego then it is important that you don’t let it dominate over your personal life. This can affect your friends and family in a negative manner. (that's for TRUE!)

It is important that you talk to the person suffering from alter ego about their goals and ambitions, this can help you in knowing the hidden desires and you can help the person come out of the alter ego world. Hope this simple article  may useful for us.

cheers. -rhp

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