20 Desember 2009

Fuzzy snapshots.

"Do u remember ur childhood?“ 
“Nope ; hm maybe lil bit.”

Childhood amnesia, also known as infantile amnesia, is the common inability of adults to remember the earliest years of their childhood. The amnesia generally covers events from birth until around four years old. Infantile, or childhood amnesia is characterized by the relative absence of memory before 3 or 4 years of age. It is important to note that the term does not refer to complete absence of memories, but the relative scarcity of memories during infancy - Wikipedia.

Monday 21th December 09, 02:31 A.M ;

As usual, Skripshit always makes me felt depressed. Kind of bored to read and write bout “The Effect of Corporate Governance on Firms Earning Management”. Suddenly i looking at my “full-of-unimportant-thing” wall, there's lot of my lately task, some of tips, and reminiscence of my life (not all of my life, part of it i mean). Hm, my eyes directed to my childhood pict. But unfortunately i forgot bout that at all; at that time.

I often said i felt like i "woke up" around age 5 or 6 because i couldn't remember; but very few things before then. Still don’t have a detailed memory, i can't tell you what year it was i went somewhere; i just know that i went. It's always bothered me that i can't remember my childhood (before 5 or 6). I listen to people reminiscence and just get disappointed because my world is always "right now"; not yesterday. It's like i can't conceive of time i'm not actually experiencing, or something like that.

In some serious condition, If someone brings to me something up, it may take a while before some little details come back to my mind. I also rarely remember names unless it's someone i interact with on a frequent basis ; or they had a really strong impact on me. I never forget faces though. (sorry, I forgot; especially my ability to remember the direction bout street too; really pathetic)

To be honest i see most of my life as fuzzy snapshots even recently, the thing with me is that i remember scenes, but not conversations. Auditory input doesn’t stick with me. I can remember the gist of conversations, but not the specific words. This is pretty much across the board, conversations from last week or 15 years ago.

I can't remember much, these photos are the only way of me remembering; anything.


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